Saturday, November 12, 2005

You Asked for it and You Got it....

Monique @ grooveTEK
Monique @ grooveTEK,
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I like to make some quick comments so it will few minutes of your time. We're getting good common question from our listeners base. So, I though that it's good time for me to post.

Here are the top 5 questions:

[1] The grooveTEK show are mixed with other blog entires and it's going get hard to locate the show note. Is there a way solve this problem?

This is good question and we've a simple answer for you. If you look at the top right side of grooveTEK page where the grooveTEK Groove Mixers section and right under Morpheus & BuddhaBoy icon there is a gTEK Show Notes LINK and all you've to do click on it and you'll head over to the gTEK podcast show notes area. Also, you can bookmark this URL

[2] Is there a LINK way to subsribe to your podcast via iTunes without copy and pasting the LINK specified?

There is two way you can subscribe to grooveTEK podcast show.
  • Go to iTunes Music Store and go to Podcast section and enter the word groovetek in the search box and wait for search result and you'll see one entries where it will show our show name and you'll Morpheus & BuddhaBoy name. Double click the entry and from there click on "Subscribe" button.
  • This is easiest way to subscribe to gTEK podcast show. On the right bar on the grooveTEK page. You'll see Subscribe to grooveTEK Feed and you'll there is a button for iTunes and just click on it and you iTunes will lauch and it will take you the subscribe area for gTEK podcast show.

[3] Will you play one or two types of electronica music?

Morpheus and BuddhaBoy like to play following types of electronica music:

  • Ambient
  • Down-tempo
  • Industrial
  • Progressive/Hardcore Techno
  • Progressive/Melody Trance
  • Trip-Hop

[4] Where do I buy astist music?

Every show notes LINK to artist page and where you can listen to artist's tracks. And, you've the option to buy the artist's album.

[5] Are you guys from Europe?

Morpheus is from New York City, BuddhaBoy is from Boston area and I'm originally Montreal but I live in New York City...

I think that I answered all of the top 5 questions. If you've additional questions please leave your comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can...




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