Sunday, December 25, 2005

gTEK Chillout Session 006

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Welcome to the grooveTEK Chillout Session Number 006.

Another year's at an end; a time for family and friends.
But also a time for reflection.
The world's in a trying state.
War, murder and injustice dominate the news.
But whose news? The news of the people who wish to perpetuate it.
Yes these things do exist but what can we do?
Our music transforms our planet into our news; the news of peace,love and justice !
Let's give thanks for our blessings and continue to transform!

Enjoy the Lock, Stock and Ten Smoking Tracks compilation.

Happy Holidays!

Morpheus and Buddhaboy

Lock, Stock and Ten Smoking Tracks compilation
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Sunshine Gueststar (Kaizer K Del Mar mix) / Soulntech
2. Kaleidosound / Astro Delay
3. Anyma (Submarine MIX) / Anyma
4. Take My Hand / Ryan Champion
5. Traveling / Solar Cycle
6. Corinthians / 303Infinity
7. Oscillate (Deep Mix) / Bitstream Dream
8. Like it 2 / Solar Cycle
9. Coming Home / StereoK
10. Deadmau - Thats True (TranceSx Remix) / TranceSx

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