Tuesday, June 27, 2006

grooveTEK Chillout Session 021

Welcome to the grooveTEK Chillout Session 021

We also dream of things that aren’t and say why not?

The greedy ones have and continue to eliminate anyone willing to expose their global fiction and challenge their control. If you believe world events are random tragedies, then you truly are dreaming. In our hearts, we all know the truth. But they can’t eliminate us all.

What is their power; lots of paper, useless paper! In reality, our own greed keeps us in bondage. But maybe even they have a purpose – their souls in this lifetime are lost but they can serve in tempering ours.

So you say you want a revolution. All you need do is shake them off!

Over & Out,

BuddhaBoy & Morpheus

A Man with his Child
[Groove Mixer : BuddhaBoy]

Tracks/Artists [time]:
1. Conspiracy / superflyguy [1:38]
2. Prints from outer space / Tricio [4:56]
3. Herald / Tegan Northwood & Pete Rivett Carnac [12:52]
4. Dark / Soundmagus [18:03]
5. Right Kind Of Love / LoopDoctor [24:25]
6. Hearts Are In Rhythm / Vividity [29:13]
7. Hard Light / Sacred Rain [34:06]
8. Touch / darryl johnsin (Studiodiaries) [39:48]
9. Boogaloop / Ursula 1000 [44:06]
10. Liebe / trance[]control [48:41]
11. Moving In The Air / Tricio [54:51]

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