Sunday, January 29, 2006

gTEK Chillout Session 009

Originally uploaded by Andrew Coulter Enright

Welcome to the grooveTEK Chillout Session Number 009.

Our environment, the life blood of our planet; it's continued health and preservation essential for our survival.

Suppose you arrive here from a different place and time. You observe the inhabitants; their insatiable appetites for everything. You ask yourself how come they don't see the cause and effect of their own actions?

It's easy to blame the greedy ones but aren't there more of us than them?
So whose really responsible?

All we need do is shake them off !

Morpheus and I present this podcast of your musical creations as our way of doing just that!

So shake with us and tranform our Earth.

As always we'd like to thank all the artists and people that help us make this show a reality. Without them it wouldn't happen.

Morpheus and Buddhaboy

Planet Called Earth
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Budapest / Poni Hoax
2. Sirens / TGL
3. Isolator / Keith Hillebrandt
4. Hey Bonus / Octet
5. Reach Out To The Sun / Crash Berlin
6. Little Love / Lipstick
7. My Shrimplike Beat / Techno Squirrels
8. Can't Breathe / Fisk Industries
9. Delirio Tremendo / Cirko
10. Along the way (Edit) / Lostshade
11. When It Comes Over Me (I like it) / Artimixx
12. Want to Want / Lostshade
13. Manojalpa / Psilly-X

The next a special gTEK Podcast Show will be on Sunday, February 12, 2006

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