Saturday, February 17, 2007

grooveTEK Chillout Session 036

Welcome to the grooveTEK Chillout Session 036

We are pleased to have another outstanding Guest DJ, Evgeny Pakhomov, from Russia, spinning up his new album “ShockWave”.

“ProXymo”, the musical project by russian composer, Evgeny Pakhomov. Evgeny writes music for television, motion pictures and theatrical plays. His range of music from club mixes to instrumental ballads. "ShockWave" is his first album. Analog and digital technologies combined creating interesting sound for everyone. "I create music, in which everybody may find their own history" - Evgeny says.

So you say you want a revolution. All you need do is shake them off!

Over & Out,
Morpheus & BuddhaBoy

[Groove Mixer: Guest DJ Evgeny Pakhomov]
Proxymo "Shockwave" playlist

Tracks/[start time]
1. Intro [0:48]
2. Shockwave [1:45]
3. Feeling (loving time) [6:48]
4. Your history... [11:20]
5. Flash [17:24]
6. Street dancer [21:53]
7. Electronic motion [24:00]
8. Outrospective [30:40]

Music,arrangements and mixing by Evgeny Pakhomov.
Sound engineer Alexey Jadanov.
All tracks mixing and recorded at "Na Sumskom" Studio Moscow.

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