Saturday, September 09, 2006

grooveTEK Chillout Session 028

Dr Steven E. Jones
We could be Heroes, if just for one day!

Welcome to the grooveTEK Chillout Session 028

Some say there are no more heroes but we must disagree. There are a few, a very few, that are still willing to risk everything to speak truth. We believe that Dr Steven E. Jones, Professor at BYU, is one of them. View his thesis on what really happened to the World Trade Center five years ago. The science is fact.

You can contact him to thank him at the above email address.

So you say you want a revolution. All you need do is shake them off!

Over & Out,

BuddhaBoy & Morpheus

We could be Heroes, if just for one day!
[Groove Mixer: BuddhaBoy]

Tracks/Artists [time]:

1. Escape / Morningstar (Carlos Mendoza) [0:45]
2. Lord of Trance / Mariano Ballejos [6:45]
3. Haunt You (Remix) / Cling [12:10]
4. Stunning (DJ Eric Ill & Scott Orlans Mix) / 8mm [17:03]
5. In you / Johnny Baby [22:50]
6. Higher (chemical emotionz mix) / TranceGenix [28:22]
7. Kiss him goodnight / The Regulators [33:30]

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