Sunday, November 27, 2005

gTEK Chillout Session 004

Welcome to the gTEK Chillout Session 004 podcast. We've got an excellent show for you this week. It's a tribute to Massive Attack. We've searched the past few weeks for electronica artists with superb Trip-Hop tracks. We're sure you'll enjoy their music as much as we do. It'll take you back in time, to the good old days, when Trip-Hop music was emerging from the underground scene.

We owe alot to these artists for bringing us these refeshing new Trip-Hop tracks. We know from past experience that making good music is not a formula. It takes time, patience, dicipline, focus and courage to create your music and make it part of our daily lives.

Please sit back and enjoy the Massive Attack compilation.....

Massive Attack
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Down Low / Magnatune Compilation - (Mr. Epic)
2. Sunday Bed / DJ Cary - (Curl)
3. Love Me Leave Me / Anji Bee (w/Bitstream Dream) {Buy @ iTunes}
4. Unknown Quantity / Magnatune Compilation - (Mr. Gelatine)
5. Love Bird / callmeyang (featuring. Lisa Debenedictis)
6. Possible New House / Magnatune Compilation (Wicked AllStars)
7. I Am / Anyma
8. Jagged Line / Misnomer
9. Telex / HypnotiK
10. When God Feeds / Sacred Rain
11. Start the Machine Up / Misnomer

The next gTEK Podcast Show will be on Sunday, December 11, 2005

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Ta-Ta.... :-)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We're burning another session...

twice as bright, half as long
Originally uploaded by fubuki.

It's time of the year again people where we just chill with our family members. Yes, it's Thanksgiving week in USA. Personally, I'm looking forward for the long weekend and I get to relax a bit before the holioday shopping maddnes starts next week...

Next topic, I wanted to inform you all that Morpheus and BuddhaBoy will release grooveTEK Electronica Music Session 4 on Sunday November 27, 2005. I listened to the demo version and it sounds great. I'm pretty sure that you;'ll enjoy the show...

So, enjoy the Turkey on Thursday and on Sunday prepare your MP3 players....

Later..... Kool-Kats

Monday, November 21, 2005

Whazz up?

It's Monday folks.... I just had my dinner by myself since I'm at home alone today....

Tonight, "NO, NO TV day".... It's just a waste of time since there are so many lousy shows on TV these days.

On the bright side, I've a SKYPE conferecne call with Morpheus & BuddhaBoy tonight. I'll find out from them what are they planning to play for Sunday night podcast. I'm wondering, what's going to be the theme of the show this time. So, I can work on the show scripts for Victoria.... Anway, I'll keep you folks posted.... Good Night.... :>)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Winter Chill....

It's a cold winter day in New York City but New York City never sleeps. People are running around and searching for a good place to hangout on Saturday Night. I was at Tower Records on Broadway and 4th Street (downtown east village) to check out some posted venues and part mission accomplished. Now, I need a place to sit down review the venues. I've to chill tonight since it was tough week @ my work place..... Unfortunately, all the Cafe's are jammed pack with tourists. Maybe, I'll head over to Cafe Noir in SOHO area that's my secret place so please don't tell anyone.... WOOOSH.......

Sunday, November 13, 2005

gTEK Chillout Session 003

gTEK Chillout Session 3
Welcome to the gTEK Chillout Session 003 podcast show. This session contains 100% of pure Trance music so take out your headphones and get your strobe lights ready for another sensational session with gTEK. Enjoy the show people, we selected artists all over the world to entertain you on Sunday before the working day starts. Enjoy....

United Trance Nations
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Qubism D Final / Mike Vandee
2. UltraSonic / Mounty's Bandbox
3. Hypnotize / HypnotiK
4. Music for Da Soul / DJ Jaspa {Buy @ iTunes}
5. Let's Do It [extended version] / Maxim G
6. Angels by / DJ Mozy -Featuring- Natasha Saladino
7. Nicotinet / HypnotiK
8. Reason of reality / DJ Timsy
9. Utopial Sounds / Oxid Project
10. Endless Eternity / Kwikstar and Clutch
11. Cycle / Oxid Project

The next gTEK Podcast Show will be on Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Ta-Ta.... :-)

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

You Asked for it and You Got it....

Monique @ grooveTEK
Monique @ grooveTEK,
originally uploaded by grooveTEKMusic.
I like to make some quick comments so it will few minutes of your time. We're getting good common question from our listeners base. So, I though that it's good time for me to post.

Here are the top 5 questions:

[1] The grooveTEK show are mixed with other blog entires and it's going get hard to locate the show note. Is there a way solve this problem?

This is good question and we've a simple answer for you. If you look at the top right side of grooveTEK page where the grooveTEK Groove Mixers section and right under Morpheus & BuddhaBoy icon there is a gTEK Show Notes LINK and all you've to do click on it and you'll head over to the gTEK podcast show notes area. Also, you can bookmark this URL

[2] Is there a LINK way to subsribe to your podcast via iTunes without copy and pasting the LINK specified?

There is two way you can subscribe to grooveTEK podcast show.
  • Go to iTunes Music Store and go to Podcast section and enter the word groovetek in the search box and wait for search result and you'll see one entries where it will show our show name and you'll Morpheus & BuddhaBoy name. Double click the entry and from there click on "Subscribe" button.
  • This is easiest way to subscribe to gTEK podcast show. On the right bar on the grooveTEK page. You'll see Subscribe to grooveTEK Feed and you'll there is a button for iTunes and just click on it and you iTunes will lauch and it will take you the subscribe area for gTEK podcast show.

[3] Will you play one or two types of electronica music?

Morpheus and BuddhaBoy like to play following types of electronica music:

  • Ambient
  • Down-tempo
  • Industrial
  • Progressive/Hardcore Techno
  • Progressive/Melody Trance
  • Trip-Hop

[4] Where do I buy astist music?

Every show notes LINK to artist page and where you can listen to artist's tracks. And, you've the option to buy the artist's album.

[5] Are you guys from Europe?

Morpheus is from New York City, BuddhaBoy is from Boston area and I'm originally Montreal but I live in New York City...

I think that I answered all of the top 5 questions. If you've additional questions please leave your comments and I'll get back to you as soon as I can...




Look out for good Chillout Music @ grooveTEK Chllout Session .... What's Next??? You'll Find Out Soon... We're striving for good ChilloutMusic Lounge which means gTEK will be your second home....

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Serge Devant LIVE @ Crobar

Enjoy the Groove Music from Serge Devant

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Please join us to Welcome Monique...

Monique @ grooveTEK
Originally uploaded by grooveTEKMusic.
Hello you all gRoOvy people around the globe. I hope, you had a fantastic day wherever you're in our lovely world. So, BuddhaBoy and I like to welcome Monique who is a longtime fan and a friend. She is going to help us with our podcast show and help us to communicate with our listeners. If you've any questions regarding gTEK show please leave your comments on the gTEK blog page or drop an email to Monique and she will get back to you with a good answer... Ta-Ta .... :-)

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Back to the Headphone.....

Hello grooveTEK listeners. Morpheus & Buddha (M & B) are back in the studio for another electronica mix. I'm not sure if the next gTEK session is going to be Trance or House mix because they didn't pass me the information. I guess, we'll find out on November 13, 2005 so look out for another sensational chillout session with M & B.