Thursday, February 23, 2006

gTEK Chillout Enhanced Session [BETA]

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Welcome to the gTEK Chillout Enhanced Session [BETA].

Well, the enhanced version of grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast is finally out... It's a positive shift for grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast show. The Enhanced version will allow to bookmark the tracks and you can go directly to the artists web page to read up cool snippets about the artists.

The bottom line the enhanced version of podcast will improove user experience and that's very important for us...

Morpheus and Buddhaboy

Chemical Groove Processing Unit
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Beaches Of GOA / Digitalsam
2. The Industrial Think Tank / Snapp
3. Mute / Delorean Suite
4. Circut Test / Elektromusic
5. Someone Else / The Analog Girl

The next a special gTEK Podcast Show will be on Sunday, February 26, 2006

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