Saturday, February 25, 2006

gTEK Chillout Session 011

Originally uploaded by Mr. Physics

Welcome to the gTEK Chillout Session 011.

Here you go the enhanced version of grooveTEK Chillout Session 011. We've a great show for you and it's a downtempo/upbeat session.

We call this session the Winter grOOve Chill Mix.

Enjoy the show....

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Morpheus and Buddhaboy

Winter grOOve Chill Mix
[Groove Mixers : Morpheus & BuddhaBoy]

1. Wash Your Face / DTO
2. Nag Champa / Deepfried
3. Flow / Sudaka
4. Universal Dub / J. Boogie
5. Newspaper / Dj fuss
6. Whirl Wind / bitstream dream
7. Play / Sudaka
8. Stratosphere (JMD Remix) / DJ Rise
9. You Are / Jacobs Ladder
10. Dawa Zangpo / Sub Dub
11. You've Limbs And Baksheesh / Hiss And Buzz

The next a special gTEK Podcast Show will be on Sunday, March 12, 2006

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