Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I need my MP3 audio file.

   We heard lot of good feedbacks from our listeners base about the enhanced version of grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast show.

   Yes, it's lot easier to move to the next/prev tracks plus the artist logo and URL associated with the "Now Playing" track.

    Well, that's good and dandy for people who utilizes iTunes as their podcatcher and iPod for portable audio player.  But, there are some people with alternative way to grab and play grooveTEK podcast shows.   Point one, the enhanced audio file (AAC format) will not work on alternative portable players.  So......

     We're going to support MP3 audio file format to accomodate everyone. First, we're going to post link to the MP3 file for direct download for the future show.  We're looking for enconimic way to setup a RSS for MP3 FEED for people with alternative podcathers....



Morpheus & BuddhaBoy